I’m passionate about art and design. I would like my works to show that imagination plays a major role in the perception of the reality. In our mind’s eye we can create the world we would like to live in. In this dreamlike universe we can be whoever we would like to be, we can do whatever we want to do and travel wherever we want to travel.

Through my art I would like to draw the observer’s attention to the power of colours, which flicker constantly around us. With them I create mysterious and magical spaces. They allow me to picture the nature of people, illustrate their emotions. Using varius hues and saturations I can change, diversify, repair, improve the reality, not making it at all unrealistic. They help me  define and clarify the space.

In my art I charm with the colours of my imagination, assisting the viewers in discovering the land which can be lost somewhere, forgotten or maybe escaped their mind.

My aim is to make you pay attention to the surrounding world and realize that the way you look at the things can change  their value and meaning.

The interpretation of a work of art depends on the state of your mind.
The most recurrent subject in my art is architecture and the image of a contemporary man. What is interesting for me is the confrontation of the man with the today’s reality: the world of speed, omnipresent rat race, crazy shopping, a million products , the buildings rising one after another.

The architecture is a theme that has been inspiring me to create for several years now. I like to observe the expression of the form and colour in the structure of buildings. Images that I paint create a kind of diary – a diary of the trips, which I made. They depict  places that I have visited, experienced and about those I would like to see, which I would like to reach.