2002 – 2008 – Studies at The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź at the Faculty of Textile Art and Fashion Design.

1997 – 2002 – Secondary Art School in Nowy Wiśnicz.

2010 – International Art exhibition in the Culture Centre Zamek in Poznań.

2010 – Art Kudos International exhibition online.

2010 – Solo exhibition in The Rybnik Cultur Center Gallery (painting and carpets).

2009 – Lodz Design 2009 – International Design Festival – accompanying exhibitions PDG Studio Carpet & Tapestry Design. (group exhibition)

2009 – 
„4th International Biennial Pastel Exhibition Nowy Sącz 2008 Poland”.

2008 – „Don’t let bygones be bygones” exhibition in Central Museum of Textiles, Łódź.

2008 – The exhibition of The Strzemiński Competition in Łódź.

2007 – The Scholarship of The Ministry of Culture and Art.

2007 – 
The exhibition in The Silesian Museum in KATOWICE during the 15 anniversary of The International „Vincent van Gogh” Art Competition.

2007 – Open air in Radlin.

2007 –
 „Different roots – one passion of creation. International meeting of young textile designers”. A Symposium and an exhibition with participation of a group of 30 students from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland. Gallery at the Academy of Fine Art In Łódź.

2007 – „8th National Exhibition of Miniature Textiles” ,Central Museum of Textiles, Łódź.

2007 – The Award of Carpet Manufacture „Agnella” for the collection of carpet design during The Strzeminski Competition „PROJEKT 2006”.

2007 – Solo exhibition in The Gallery in The Public Library in Rybnik.

2006 – The Scholarship of The Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.

2006 – The exhibition during The I st Student’s Biennale of Miniature Form in Racibórz.

2006 – ROOMS FOR FREE „Factory Europe – Remember the Future” – An International meeting and exhibition of young textile designers in Chemnitz, Germany.

2005 – 
XIII International „Vincent van Gogh” Art Competition in Rybnik (honorable mention).

2002 – 
„PIETREK – Two Generations” – An exhibition in The Rybnik Cultur Center Gallery.

2002 – 
An exhibition during The 10th International „Vincent van Gogh” Art Competition in Rybnik.

2001 – An exhibition „Presentation of the young art generation” in The Rybnik Power Engineer’s Club „Kuźnia”.

2001 – A solo exhibition in The Town Council’s Gallery „ Na Poddaszu” in Radlin.

2000 – 
The II prize in The VIII International „Vincent van Gogh” Art Competition in Rybnik.

2000 – The 1 prize in The XIV Art Competition in Wodzisław Śląski.